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Uashmama Washable Paper: One Material, Lots of Ranges

You’re probably aware that Uashmama products are made from washable paper. This material, which we developed and named AGGO, is created in our manufacturing facility using a combination of modern technology and 100-year-old stone rolls. But while we started with basic paper material, over the years we’ve developed multiple ranges of our washable paper to give our customers a wider selection of styles and colors from which they can choose. From woven to metallic, here are the paper ranges we use to create our fashion bags, storage bags, home décor and accessories.

Four ways to create hygge in your home

Four ways to create hygge in your home

Do you feel like your mood is affected by these dark winter months? For many of us, the short days and frigid weather sap our energy and dampen our spirits. But one of the most wintery regions in the world, Scandinavia, has developed a mindset for not just getting through the dark winter season, but embracing it. The Danish call it hygge, and it means slowing down and appreciating the cozy contentment of a simple moment.

Here are a few ways you can create an atmosphere of hygge in your home.

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