Paniere Medium

  • Description

    Think French basket but Italian style and made from paper, no one will have one like this.

    So many colours and four sizes to choose from.
    This is the Medium size. Use it to cover plant pot, as a paper rubbish bin, shopping bag, for kids toys or to store blanket and magazine in the living room..

  • Dimensions

    W26 x D26 x H28 / W10 x D10 x H11 inches

  • Product care

    Wash in warm water using a mild soap or detergent.
    We recommend washing the brighter colours separately, these colours are designed to fade.
    If you're using your UASHMAMA product for herbs, plants or flowers be sure to use a small pot, vase or container.
    Do not pot directly into the product.
    This product is not waterproof, water will not hurt our bags but they will leak so remember to use a plant tray.

  • Composition

    100% Organic