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Eco Friendly e l'amore per il pianeta

Il nostro pianeta è prezioso e allo stesso tempo molto delicato. Ormai da decenni viene minacciato dai gas ad effetto serra, dall’inquinamento e dal disboscamento illegale, causa “forzata” di un inesorabile progresso.

Soltanto il disboscamento illegale, più comunemente chiamato illegal Logging, purtroppo ad oggi coinvolge oltre 70 paesi nel mondo con un giro illegale di affari che si attesta intorno ai 150 miliardi di dollari annui.


Lucca and UASHMAMA

The Piazza dell’Anfiteatro (Amphitheatre Square) is one of the places that we have chosen to stage and set one of our oldest Uashmama shops. The location seems to fit perfectly and hasn’t been left to chance. It’s as if you can still hear music echoing through the walls with the images of dancers. Imagine the tourists’ astonishment as they admire, for the first time, the square as it was accessed in ancient times from one of the four entrances. The buildings and the noise made by the people, the racket of the kids running round and round, their voices echoing. The elliptical shape of the structure is not by chance, but was built on ruins of an ancient amphitheatre, of which the old walls are still partly visible in the building and circumscribe the perimeter.

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