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A Day in Baratti (Part 3)

At half past six we were almost ready for the beach. The sea was like a millpond and there wasn’t even the slightest of breezes. We started to bring down the things that were necessary to set the stage, and I have to say that walking in that sand was tiring.


The Fabric Merchant (Part 2)

The Fabric Merchant (Part 2)

Everything was ready. The ship was loaded  with all the goods and the sailors awaited the signal from the merchant to start their adventure. The man embraced all his women and said: “I’m leaving with your faces etched in my thoughts. I have been away many times, even for a long time, but this time is different. I’ll be back, whatever happens, rich because I have you, waiting here for me."

Novel Written by Chiara Marconi

Illustrations by Yasuko Takahashi

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