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A moroccan dream

I had been dreaming to go to Morocco for such a long time, especially Marrakech.  

My childhood dream, the idea of a distant land, camels, spices and women with mysterious eyes who transmitted ancient knowledge.  

All of this was totally fulfilled.

For once, my expectations far exceeded whatever I had imagined. We arrived in a futuristic airport, a monumental architectural work of art, for everyone to see how the great monarchy oversees the country, a place where a religion is in force that could lead you to believe that it is a restrictive and narrow minded place, regarding above all women.

However, we found that apart from a few changes, appropriate for respecting the local customs, we weren’t limited at all. 

We arrived in the morning, at about 9,30 local time, and the sun barely warmed us, but at midday when we arrived in Medina in Marrakech, the sun was scorching hot; in the background, music was attracting our attention, a snake was waving from side to side in a woven basket and to its side a Berber was hypnotising its movements with his melody.

My husband, Vittorio, was convinced to have himself wrapped in the coils of an apparently very dangerous cobra to have his photo taken and then we dived into the myriad of shops in the Souq of Medina.  We wandered through stalls of aromatic spices, carpets in a thousand different colours, delicate pottery and strangely shaped lamps and our trip ended haggling prices with the shrewd market stall traders. 

We started to get a bit tired and decided to get our energy back returning to our Riad, just outside Marrakech where there was utter peace and tranquillity.

The view was like an old film, men driving carts pulled by donkeys, sheep grazing and camels lazily walking down the road.

The Riad opened its doors and welcomed us, offering us idyllic surroundings, with streams that followed our footsteps and birds that sang from the olive trees around the swimming pool on which the rooms were faced in a horseshoe shape.

What more could we have asked for, if not a refreshing swim at the end of a day to remember?

A trip that will definitely inspire the next UASHMAMA collections. 

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