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Eco Friendly and our love for the Planet

Our planet is precious and at the same time, very delicate. For decades it has been threatened by greenhouse gases, pollution and illegal deforestation, “forcibly” caused by unavoidable progress. Deforestation alone, more commonly known as illegal Logging, involves more than 70 countries in the world today and generates an illegal turnover that sums up to around about 150 billion dollars annually.

The effects of deforestation have catastrophic consequences on the earth, causing drought, landslides, floods and inadequate ability to absorb CO2. The transformation of forests into grazing lands and plantations is not only a risk for the ecosystem and for biodiversity, but weighs heavily on the the shoulders of man and his activities.

Progress is, of course, incessant and its speed increases staggeringly, but we mustn’t take for granted that the metamorphosis that mankind’s evolution is making must turn our earth upside down.  We are guests to a perfect ecosystem, made up of flora and fauna that, for millions of years, have existed undisturbed and in perfect harmony. Why should our evolution destroy precisely what makes our “beloved” earth so beautiful. If progress is relentless, why can’t the love we have for it go at the same pace?

It’s important for everyone of us to contribute in their own little way to save our planet which has suffered enough from Climate Change. Starting with small steps that can make a big difference: not polluting the environment that surrounds us, saving water, using public transport when possible, paper recycling or using eco friendly products, every little gesture is important.

It was precisely with this philosophy that our search for eco friendly products brought about our products in washable paper. UASHMAMA is always very clear in the product descriptions, that the paper we use comes from controlled deforestation and is FSC certified.  

What is the FSC? FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council which is the most reliable and respected forestry certification authority in the world in terms of quantity of certificates, rigidity of criteria and companies involved in the process.

The FSC has 28.000 certificate holders (CH)  in 81 countries all over the world, and works constantly with 150.000 small forestry owners and numerous indigenous communities: in 2013 the FSC founded the Permanent Indigenous Peoples’ Committee to give an ulterior voice to the local communities on how the forests should be managed.

The FSC is committed to certifying forests that provide for the social, ecological, and economic needs of the present generation, without compromising the future generations.

We at UASHMAMA are working to save the planet and are against illegal Logging.

Let’s lend a hand to our Mother Earth, let her breathe again.