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Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day is getting close and what better way to show him we care than to give a UASHMAMA paper gift?
The gift ideas are endless, but I’d like to give you a few ideas because many of our products can have more than one use.

For example: Have you ever thought of using Lollie bag small as a carryall in your car?

I discovered this use purely by chance, putting the Lollie in the front of the gear stick to take it to the shop. I had some business cards and loose change and I tried putting them in there.

Well, two months have gone by and the Lollie bag never reached the shop. It’s still in my car, full of business cards, change and post-its that I used to leave all over the place but that now I have found the perfect place for!

Creating order in a man’s life is a very delicate thing to do and it cannot be imposed, so finding the right object that makes it simple and easy to organise your things, is without a doubt, a momentous discovery, almost like that of the wheel :) I know what you are thinking: "Two months have gone by. If everytime he gets into his car, and empties his pockets into the Lollie, it must be a little paper bag of clutter!”

UASHMAMA doesn’t create mess, it creates order... However photos of my Lollie will not be posted, they remain anonymous :)

Other UASHMAMA products that are perfect for Father’s day are the Backpacks, from the more technological Greg Backpack, with space for a 15” laptop, to the more simple and very popular Memmo Backpack, one of the absolute must-haves in our timeless collection.  

Another more formal product and perfect for a business man, who doesn’t want to forego his sporty edge, is the Ugo Bag, a mailbag that is perfect for carrying documents, a 15” laptop and anything else necessary for a freelance professional.

What can I say, flicking through the UASHMAMA catalogue, there are so many ideas!  

Choosing a product for the perfect gift for your father is up to you, but one thing is certain: making your father happy is not an arduous task. Sometimes a kiss, a hug and a simple “I love you” are all that he needs to understand how important he is to you.

A gift is a token to show him how much you know him and you will see that the gift becomes like a good luck charm for your father, precious and irreplaceable because it represents a bond between a father and child, whatever the age - it’s stronger than the spark that created the Universe.

Before leaving you to choose and getting back to the subject, I just wanted to mention that Lollie Large is absolutely fantastic as a drawer organiser for socks, underwear and belts! :)

Happy Father’s Day!

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