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Olive Harvest in Tuscany

A Sunday out in the countryside with the family, a real olive harvest… although most of our time was, as usual, spent around a table; chatting, laughing and joking under a  beautiful green tree, laden with mature olive fruit. 

The day started in the late morning, just to let everyone regenerate from a hard week’s work and slowly but surely they all arrived. The first of the group were Giulia and Raffaele with Giovanni and some pastries and focaccia to entice all of us. Then Gemma and Francesco with Gregorio, Gaia, Vieri and last but not least, the super troupe made up by Ottavia, Vittorio and Guglielmo who were all ready to pet and groom the star guest, a little black pony called Lola that guaranteed squeals of delight from the younger members of the family. I forgot Allegra, Guglielmo and Olivia had already been deployed at dawn, and had been waiting impatiently for all their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  

This time mum made us wait a little longer than usual for only one reason; the bolognaise sauce was still slow cooking at about midday so she arrived at 2 o’clock.  

Luckily we had an exceptional cook on hand, famous in the family though perhaps not to the public, our host Vittorio treated us to some of his delicacies. Lunch lasted until after four o’clock; we were treated to succulent cold cuts, delicious cheese, two first courses and an excellent roast pork with potatoes. Then it was time for Giulia’s desserts and I have to say that they were appreciated by everyone, above all by the children, big and small…

At this stage of the day, perhaps because they wanted to work off a little bit of the Sunday lunch they had just eaten, everybody decided to head off to the olive groves where the real, tireless workers had been seriously harvesting since the first light of dawn collecting the fruit that produces a special balm: olive oil. 

We know very well how many uses olive oil can have. The olive oil that is produced on the Uccellare can be used both for dressing food but we also use it for our range of Uashmama body products.

This is a choice that not only has permitted us to have a  quality range of products which have been developed with a high level of expertise but also a  precious balm that enriches the products themselves. 

It was a fun, effortless,(at least on our part) day. We will remember the full tummies and warm colours and images that  flooded our minds.

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