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Uashmama Washable Paper: One Material, Lots of RangesDiscover six finishes.

You’re probably aware that Uashmama products are made from washable paper. This material, which we developed and named AGGO, is created in our manufacturing facility using a combination of modern technology and 100-year-old stone rolls. But while we started with basic paper material, over the years we’ve developed multiple ranges of our washable paper to give our customers a wider selection of styles and colors from which they can choose. From woven to metallic, here are the paper ranges we use to create our fashion bags, storage bags, home décor and accessories.


Our paper bags look like leather, but they’re actually made out of our basic range of washable paper. The paper is stretched and tanned in a manufacturing process similar to that of leather. This process ensures that the paper not only looks like leather, but it feels soft and resilient like leather. Our conscious manufacturing process creates durable material in which you can store all manner of household items! We’ve seen Uashmama bags in pantries, keeping spices and dry ingredients organized, or on kitchen tables, serving as a rustic vessel for a loaf of warm bread or a round of fancy cheese. We also love displaying indoor plants in Uashmama paper bags. The natural color palette we use complements the bright hues of freshly-picked flowers.


We use our technical paper range for our travel bags like the Roma or the Chiara. We designed the paper to be extremely lightweight and durable to hold your luggage secure, no matter what your adventure. Our technical paper range is also waterproof, because we know that you can encounter unpredictable circumstances when traveling, and we don’t want you to worry about those valuable travel documents getting damaged!


We developed our woven paper range to use for our fashion bags and accessories. The intricate woven paper is coated in wax, so it’s both sophisticated and resilient. Our handbags that use this paper are especially popular, and they come in several style, sizes and colors. The Gemma, a stylish tote, is a perfect everyday bag. And because it zips and has several interior pockets, it’s also perfect for traveling or commuting around town. The Gemma has two interchangeable shoulder straps—a matching paper strap and a softer natural cotton version—so it’s incredibly versatile. If you’re looking for a compact bag to carry only your essentials, we recommend the Terme Bag. This fashionable crossbody is practical and chic, and it’s just the right size to fit your card holder, lipstick, cell phone and coins.


We developed our Mammuth paper range to mimic the appearance of calf skin leather. Our Mammuth products look elegant and chic, but the material is 100 percent organic. We use this durable paper to create intricate products like our wallet. The wallet holds up to eight cards. It also features an open sleeve on one side to carry a phone and a closed sleeve on the other to secure your money.