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An Organic choice not just for the sake of being Organic, but a conscious and logical path following our history and tradition. The Uccellare has a century long history which starts in the era of the Medici.

Its’ name stems from a family hunting lodge, situated in the hills near Florence; the place where the olive oil mill produces the oil that we use to make our body products. It is an evocative setting on the Florentine hills where the Uccellare grove produces organic olive oil that gives life to our Body Care (or Self Care or Skin Care) product range. The UASHMAMA Body Products have been created by the expert hands of an industry professional. The minimal passages in the production phase give added value in terms of the quality of the raw material.

Not everybody knows that organic EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is not only a delicacy to the palate and a limitless source of health, it is also an excellent ally for natural beauty. Organic extra virgin olive oil is an effective, protective, and emollient product for the skin as well as an excellent antioxidant, able to combat a variety of blemishes, such as aging or those caused by pollution—to which we are all subjected. Thanks to its acidity, which is highly compatible with that of our skin, when extra virgin olive oil is applied, either in the form of wraps or instillations, it has excellent results for combatting the signs of aging, weakness and undernourishment of the skin and hair. It strengthens nails, relieves muscular pain, combats redness and skin irritation, and softens and tones the skin.