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A new bag called Vuccirìa

UASHMAMA’s progress is travelling at lightning speed. Every season new products are coming out in every category and there have even been new ones created, like that of Body and Beauty. However, in this article, we want to talk about a bag, with an apparently difficult name to pronounce and understand, but which has important historical origins: the Vuccirìa.

Vuccirìa is a historic Palermitan market situated inside the Castellammare district. It dates back to the mid-1200s, when the Angevin Age was flourishing and started as a meat market, initially under the French influence of the Anjou, taking the name Bucciria Grande, from the name boucherie - butchery. Thanks to its proximity to the port, it had been a stopping point for merchants from Genoa, Pisa, Venice and Amalfi since the dawning of the Arab age. Over the years, the Bucciria Grande became the fish, fruit and vegetable market and the metamorphosis of its name completed the transformation in what has become the present day Vuccirìa.  Vuccirìa in the Palermitan dialect means “commotion” or the typical racket and shouting of vendors, of the so called “abbanniati”, that characterise this historic Palermitan Market.

This is an important name to give to a paper shopping bag, an unforgettable name that should remind you of how vast our territory is and of our important  historical heritage. Our idea, as well as that of Uashmag, is to write articles that tell the story about our origins, perhaps offering you the chance to discover something new or a new place to visit through something apparently simple like the name given to a bag., The love that UASHMAMA puts into doing things is the same love that it feels for its land.