Practical, light and with a clean style. These are the UASHMAMA backpacks, AGGO washable paper products, a sustainable choice even for those who love not to give up on style.

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UASHMAMA manages to please both the female and male audience with backpacks such as the ASPEN BACKPACK, a large backpack with many pockets and compartments; or the GREG BACKPACK, with a sporty and cool style. We have unisex backpacks like the MEMMO and the BOSTON, simple lines and backpacks that approach all styles. All our backpacks are produced with careful attention to manufacturing, although they are made of washable paper they are resistant backpacks that present particular attention to detail. Our materials are treated with care and very often worked to the point of no longer looking like paper although they look like real leather. Some have an organic cotton lining, which gives it strength and character. Choose practicality without sacrificing eco-friendly style, choose UASHMAMA.