UASHMAMA always tries with its HOME products to inspire you, to give you practical, eco-sustainable and stylish solutions.

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In the ALL HOME category we collect everything that goes from table setting to home decoration. You can find placemats of a thousand colors and shapes, washable paper lampshades to be placed on a wine glass to create the right atmosphere, wine bags and comfortable aprons to be stylish even in the kitchen. We, at UASHMAMA, try to give you ecological suggestions for your laundry area, wardrobe and drawers by offering eco-friendly solutions such as Laundry Bag, Catini where you can store socks or linen, washable paper containers for drawers or shelves, all easily washable by hand with soap . Containers for wood, newspapers or blankets, with clean and elegant details that will give your living room a touch of originality. Solutions and ideas that will make your spaces become places of style.