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We are 4 sisters, Chiara, Giulia, Gemma and Gaia, all different in our own way, but united by our love for a smart, brave, and lighthearted mother. She doesn’t get hung up on details; rather she pays attention to the pure essentials of love, food, and family. Reflective of that purity is fettunta, Tuscan bread drizzled with olive oil—a simple and delicious treat that always makes us smile. Mom prepares it with love and imagination, the same qualities that she and her family put into all our Uashmama products. Today we want to celebrate all the mothers of the world, those who, like ours, have nourished you and given you their endless love. To honor them on Mother’s Day, with an order of 100 Euros or more, we gifting you a complimentary 500 gr bottle of Olio Scivolosa, a superior Tuscan extra virgin olive oil made directly from olives grown at the Certosa di Maggiano in Siena. Promo starts April 23rd through May 10th. Enjoy a delicious Tuscan Fettunta with your mom on Mother’s Day!