Coto Round Placemat

  • Description

    We created a new material of 100% Cotton Fiber. The fiber comes from the cotton staple which is regarded as waste from the cotton flower. However, we took the 'waste' from the cotton plant and transformed it into a new, sturdy, washable paper material.

    Functionality, innovation and sustainability.

    * High resistance to wine, oil, tomatoes stains on both sides.
    * Very durable and strong surfaces.
    * Easy to clean: wipe clean with damp cloth.
    * Hand wash in cold water with a mild soap and dry naturally.
    * Flat on the table. Solid colors. Food Safe.
    * Choose from a variety of colors combination and shapes

  • Dimensions

    D 24 cm // D 9.5 inches

  • Product care

    Wash by hand and in cold water, without using special soaps and stretched out in a not excessively sunny place.

  • Composition

    100% Cotton