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A Day in Baratti (Part 1)

The arrival time was forecast for 4 o’clock and this time, at least, our group was on time. We left Montecatini, bound for Baratti and Papulonia aboard a Jeep fitted out with every comfort. In front of us, my Mum (Emanuela) with her Renault Kangoo, that she loves so much, filled to the brim, one might have thought we were leaving forever!

Pallets, straw hats, bottles of rosé and firewood - absolutely nothing was missing. So we departed! The sat-nav recommended an alternative route to the classic highway. We were in a good mood and so we decided to let ourselves be whisked away by the holiday spirit, opting for the Collesalvetti which offered spectacular views of hills covered in vineyards and spotted with gigantic bales of hay.  Paolo was driving the jeep and he would also be responsible for documenting the backstage of the shoot with a video reportage. We immediately liked the idea of putting a video on the Homepage of the website for each season that tells the important moments of the shooting, for example the atypical staging of the set, the models and the changes in the scenery. Next to him sat Marina, our Official photographer for the UASHMAMA Seasonal Shootings. She was also elegantly admiring the marvellous views that the rolling hills had to offer. I was sat behind, next to the cases and bags, all of them in washable paper of course! Our boot was full of samples.

We arrived at Baratti where we immediately left our bags in a basic but pretty farmhouse where we would spend the night. All around us there were horses and open green fields that pleased our eyes and warmed our hearts. The idea was to get some postcard photos just as it was getting dark and dedicate the whole next day to the photo shoot on the beach. The site had already been viewed three weeks before for organisational purposes. Every shoot must be a learning curve to improve and be able to show off UASHMAMA products to their best advantage. All four of us set off in the car, my Mum was finally with us and so we could head for Polulonia. Marina asked us to stop, so that she could capture the stunning views that Polulonia has to offer, with the sea as the protagonist. It is said that when the Etruscans had to choose a settlement, they made their decision based on the energy that the place transmitted to them. I have to say that the energy that one feels is strong and difficult to put into words. We were surrounded by Etruscan excavations, Populonia is the only real Etruscan city by the sea and a gem for our cultural heritage, it is absolutely unique. It was about five o’clock when we parked at the top of Populonia, with the sun in front of us and we headed down into the village, passing through the old stone gates which opened into a characteristic street of little craft shops, local foods, bars and restaurants.

To be continued...