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A Day in Baratti (Part 2)

It was low season, so there weren’t many tourists about and the locals eyed us suspiciously, they were aware that we were not the “average tourist” out for a bit of relaxation.

My mother and I visited the only square that had a little medieval Santa Croce church facing onto it whilst Paolo and Marina had a look around capturing little unique details to immortalise. Opposite the little church there is an impressive bell-tower that on particularly clear days can be seen on the coast in the city of La Spezia. This was told to us by a local. The afternoon light was fabulous, so we decided to go down to the Gulf and make the most of it. We went to the little port and I filmed a few stories for Instagram, walking side-by-side with my mum, on the pebbles near the shore of a calm sea. Marina let me know with a gentle nod that the “portcard” shots were done.


She looked satisfied. The air was filled the smellof dried salt, the fishermen’s nets were still damp and the boats were in the port. I love thesea, above all out of season, the temperature was dropping but for mid-October the weather was still pleasant. I proposed a Spritz, someone opted for a glass of wine and my mum decided that only this once she would make an exception to her diet. We returned to Populonia in 10 minutes and sat outside our restaurant for dinner. At eight o’clock, my other sister Gaia with her husband Vieri and their two children Ottavia and Vittorio came to join us. They too would be at the shoot the next day. The dinner was a delightful mix of pizzas made from whole-grain flour from the Val di Cornia and  dishes cooked with the best of the season’s produce which were naturally all km 0. We decided to go back to the B & B early to recharge our batteries.

To be continued...