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A Day in Baratti (Part 3)

At half past six we were almost ready for the beach. The sea was like a millpond and there wasn’t even the slightest of breezes. We started to bring down the things that were necessary to set the stage, and I have to say that walking in that sand was tiring.

Marina started taking pictures and making the most of that fabulous light but also the fact that we were alone on one of the most evocative Tuscan beaches. Everything was perfect, and to top it off we had the best weather. So as not to let that magic moment slip away, we quickly set the table and decorated it with UASHMAMA products. Vieri tried to light a fire and Gaia played with Ottavia and Guglielmo on the sandy beach.


We started to take pictures of the family and at eleven o’clock, other members joined us Dad, Chiara and Gemma who had been in the office. The video camera started to shoot fun and carefree scenes. The heading of the shoot was to be “A relaxing day in Baratti” and I have to say that we literally got into the part. Between one picture and another, my father took advantage of the great weather and crystalline sea to take a quick dip, even though it was the 13th of October!

The fire was ready to cook some fish, the table was laden with food and fresh fruit and nearby a peddler passed, selling granita and ice-cream. We didn’t feel at all tired and yet our time in Baratti had almost come to an end. This magical gulf and the energy of the Etruscans had treated us to an unforgettable and relaxing day and we finished off our shoot by making a toast with a delicious lemon granita.