Uashmama's magazine

A New Issue

This is the second edition of Uashmag and we have lots of new arrivals, so we are thrilled to continue our journey through trends, ideas and stories, some that have even taken us back to our childhood.

Flicking through you’ll find “The Fabric Merchant”, a children’s story that, through “pencil” sketches transports the reader into an imaginary world. Page after page the scene changes and treats us to breath-taking views of one of the most beautiful Gulfs in Italy – Baratti and Populonia, where our products for the new Spring/Summer 2018 Uashmama campaign were beautifully displayed in an ideal setting. However, we haven't finished yet, passing from the sea to a city full of tradition and history: Lucca, the ideal location for one of the oldest Uashmama stores. This flag ship of lifestyle and trends, coming from every corner of the world, contributes to making the Uashmama family great and prolific.

AGGO is the name that identifies our material.
AGGO is a philosophy of life and it is something that can be summarized in a few words:

• Experience

• Handicrafts

• Study and innovative development of materials

But above all PASSION for what we do.
This word has a deep meaning as it is the acronym of the names of the many grandchildren of Marco and Emanuela and in which they see the future.
A future focused on respect for the environment and the use of environmentally friendly and alternative materials.

This is AGGO