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Autumn Winter Mood

UASHMAMA products are not dictated by the seasons. Every Paper Bag, hand-bag or accessory can be defined as all year round. However, our products can follow a mood that is dedicated to a particular season. By using a Paper Bag in a warmer colour, for example to keep soft wool blankets, wood for the fireplace or simply home and table accessories like placemats, napkin rings or a lampshade to prepare the table for Christmas, creates a winter feeling.  

Without a doubt the most versatile UASHMAMA product is the Paper Bag, which is available in 32 colours and 9 different sizes. It can be used to contain anything and to furnish any room in the house. In this precise period of the year it is possible to choose warmer shades such as  Nuvola Sand/Silver, Dark Grey, and Metallic and use Uashmama Paper Bags to lay the table as breadbaskets, in the living-room as holders for seasonal plants and in the kitchen for spices.

Moving on from Paper Bags, here are some tips on UASHMAMA Carry Bags and Hand Bags . Let’s start with a bag that is part of our history, the IKI Bag. It is made in Pull-Up material, soaked in wax to give the bag amazing strength and impermeability which is unusual for paper. Wear and time only have the same beautiful effect on leather.The Grey IKI Bag  looks great with a trench coat or a black coat and is perfect for every cold Winter’s day.

Following on with one of our Best Selling bags, the most versatile in our catalogue, the Sand UASHMAMA Carry Two. It can be used as a sports bag, for shopping, as a laundry bag or as a child’s toy bag.It is adaptable to the mood of the season, to carry a handy blanket, scarves or firewood. The Carry Two can be washed in a washing machine because it is made from basic paper which resists just like any other material.

Last, but not least, we have the  UASHMAMA Small purse. It is the perfect accessory to the bigger UASHMAMA bags or a purse to wear on chic and fun evenings out.