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How we produce - part 1Let us share with you...

1. Our production starts with the raw material made from cellulose fiber. This material is purchased in Northern Europe. Where deforestation is controlled and constant checks are carried out.




2. All our materials are made and produced in Italy, specifically in Tuscany. Here in Tuscany we turn the raw material into all the different types of materials recognized from our collections.

3. Our AGGO paper is calendared to adjust the thickness, then soften through traditional processes using only vegan fats and at the same time we make AGGO more resistant. Finally, through a mechanical system we color AGGO and make the color more solid.

4. Our priority is to keep as much traditional processes as possible in all the work we do. We searched for machinery used in the past and found stone rolls which are at least 100 years old. These stone rolls we use to make the material more homogeneous and give it a unique consistancy. All this is done in combination with machinery from the most advanced technologies. Innovation and Tradition go hand in hand.