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The Fabric Merchant (Part 2)

Everything was ready. The ship was loaded  with all the goods and the sailors awaited the signal from the merchant to start their adventure. The man embraced all his women and said: “I’m leaving with your faces etched in my thoughts. I have been away many times, even for a long time, but this time is different. I’ll be back, whatever happens, rich because I have you, waiting here for me."

Novel Written by Chiara Marconi

Illustrations by Yasuko Takahashi

Five long years had passed since they last said goodbye to their dear one, their hopes, at least the daughters, were starting  to wane.
The mother, however, had never given up hope. She was convinced that one day, in the not too distant future, he would return safe and sound.

One Sunday lunchtime, the women were all sitting around their favourite dining table: the only object that had been saved from the sale of all the others that they were forced to sell a few years before, when they heard a knock at the door. They weren’t expecting visitors and so none of them wanted to answer the door.
“You go!” “No, you go!” the four sisters argued amongst themselves until the youngest, Gaia, conceded to the “threats” of her elder siblings. A few moments later, and worrying that Gaia hadn’t come back yet, the other four women peered into the hall and saw the little girl hugging a man who looked just like a tramp. Totally shocked all the women ran up to Gaia to break her free from the arms of that man. The mother, with a rolling pin in hand, was first in line with the other three sisters in hot pursuit. The man was surrounded and in that moment he opened his arms and looking up, revealed his face for the first time. The mother’s eyes lit up. Even if he had long hair and a thick beard, her husband’s eyes and smile were unmistakeable. She threw down the rolling pin and embraced him. Immediately it was clear to the girls that the man was their beloved “Papa” .


With tears of joy in his eyes, Marco told the stories of adventures that he had experienced on his long journey home. He even mentioned a strange “magical” seed he had discovered that gave life to a particular plant with almost miraculous potential. But that is a whole new story. Form the moment let’s just leave the family to their well-deserved hug.