What about the UASHMAMA Blog creation?

Four key-words to interpret the Uashmama philosophy

by Carolina Ceccotti
ph: Marina Denisova

When our customers discover the UASHMAMA world for the first time, a symbol is born..

..something able to answer to all of these questions, the most common ones and the more specific and technical ones: a life-style that is reflected in the love for the family and for our homes everyday life.

ph: Marina Denisova


The story about four sisters goes around the world but always goes back to the starting point, a raw material: AGGO, the washable-paper fabric, a result of a need: to give birth to a necessary product, nice and useful, thanks to the real Made-in-Italy philosophy as well.

Bagni di San Filippo, Tuscany

In Tuscany there are many thermal springs of hot water, known and used since the times of the Etruscans and Romans for healing purposes. The thermal baths of San Filippo, in Val d'Orcia, are simply stunning! The limestone formations, waterfalls and small pools of hot water surrounded by the luxuriant nature of the woods just outside the small town of Bagni San Filippo in Val d'Orcia will seem to transport you to another world. We at UASHMAMA love nature and we love to promote it in its maximum splendor.


UASHMAMA is dedicated to our mother but to Mother Earth too, as She lives through the basic concepts of our production:

ph: Marina Denisova

Simplicity, Tradition, Functionality and Innovation, Sustainability

  • Simplicity: we keep the taste for the beauty and for the simple things. From here our life philosophy is born. We try to make some trivial objects simply unique in their kind.

  • Tradition: we respect Italian tradition, which teach us how to decorate the dining table for our guests in the warmest way; how to use pieces of furniture into our home, just to make it comfortable and pleasant.

  • Functionality and innovation: we often use to wonder: what do we need we cannot find? We craft an useful, functional, washable and durable product, born from realneeds, with a particular care to design and creativity.

  • Sustainability: our washable paper comes from controlled and sustainable cultivations. We use organic cotton. Our leather gets tanned with vegetal dyes, through ancient traditional methods in Tuscany.

These are UASHMAMA guiding principles, born to express our life style and to welcome you into our family. We officially inaugurate the Spring with the beginning of our column and we celebrate those who everyday teach us that life must be respected.

Greeting to all the mums!

Greetings to Mother Earth!

ph: Marina Denisova