Hospitality is an art and UASHMAMA can provide you with original and practical ideas to amaze your guests starting from the table. Washable paper accessories that will be part of your life from breakfast to dinner, through snacks and lunches with friends. Dried fruit containers in different sizes, shapes, and colors; baskets for bread, breadsticks and biscuits that are practical to wash and store. Washable paper placemats, stain resistant thanks to their anti-drop finish. Small light containers for salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. Original bottle holders that give new life and color to the table, practical if used with our glacettes to keep drinks cool. UASHMAMA will also amaze you with original decorations, such as our washable paper Lampshade, to be placed on a simple wine glass with a small tea-light candle inside, it will light up your table creating the right atmosphere. UASHMAMA never ceases to amaze you.

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