Marconi family


UASHMAMA is a family business based in Tuscany.

The father, Marco, is the creative mind. He spent a long time building up experience in the footwear business and has significant know how in all that is handcrafted and particularly Made in Italy, but at the same time cultivating an interest in new technology in the sector.

The mother, Emanuela, is the ‘inspiration’ for the brand name; as a matter of fact, UASHMAMA is dedicated to the iconic Italian mother who washes, and who always takes care of her children.

The project began when Emanuela started to sell the first paper bags in her shop, Le sorelle-UASHMAMA.

Le sorelle (The sisters) are Chiara, Giulia, Gemma and Gaia, who are all involved in the family business with their parents, covering key roles in the business.

Today UASHMAMA can count on many collaborators who, with great professionalism, promote the brand all around the world.

The Family

Uashmama Australia


Casey and Nicolas Languillon

While travelling through Tuscany in 2011 with our family in tow I came across the paper bag which changed our world, quite literally. To briefly set the scene it was on a small Tuscan terrace eating under the umbrella of grape vines when I first saw the Le Sorelle bread bag which today we know as UASHMAMA.

Once we were back in Australia I got in touch with Giulia, the second of the sister, and from that time the story has began. Today the Marconi's Family and us run together three UASHMAMA retail stores in Australia and the best is yet to come..

Uashmama Benelux


Marion Wold and Annelot Lems

We are mother and daughter living in The Netherlands.
In the Summer of 2010 we were on a holiday in Italy, where we first saw the lovely Paper Bags of UASHMAMA® in a beautiful shop ‘Le Sorelle’ in Lucca. We bought them and took them home. Two years later we asked to become the UASHMAMA® distributor in the Benelux. One thing was and is sure, we all share the same feeling, passion and philosophy about the brand. The Marconi family showed us how technique and old craftsmanship live side by side in UASHMAMA®.
We have found lovely Italian friends in the Marconi’s and we know that the brand has a long and prosperous future to go.

Uashmama Scandinavia


Soren and Susanne Lubech

We met the Marconi's Family through Marion from UASHMAMA Benelux.
We were all in Frankfurt for a Tradeshow and after some months we were ready to start the collaboration to approach the Nordic markets.
We fell in love with UASHMAMA from day one...
The look, the story, endless possibilities, the quality all in all the strong UASHMAMA DNA.

Uashmama Spain


Vincenza Bergamaschi

As a Tuscan girl, born in Lucca I could not fall in love with the shop Le sorelle and its products. Besides UASHMAMA was already part of our home and we tought it would be great to introduce the label to the Spanish market. And that's how and we joined the big UASHMAMA family and our wonderful adventure started.

Uashmama Canada


Melissa Borsato

In 2013 while searching for the perfect vessel for our gift parcel company, my partner and I discovered UASHMAMA washable paper made in Italy. We instantly fell in love with the products and the unique story of Le Sorelle (The Sisters). We began to retail the bags in our store to our local community but wanted to share the brand across Canada. Today you can find UASHMAMA in boutiques, florists and restaurants across the country. Each season we look forward to bringing you new and amazing products designed and created in Italy by the Marconi family.

Uashmama Poland


Kasia Kowalska

It was love a first sight. It all started four years ago during our summer trip to Tuscany. The minute we entered the amazing Uashmama shop in Lucca we knew it was it! From that beautiful summer, I'm so proud to be a part of Uashmama, and all our life now is about Uashmama. Today I'm proudly run a retail store in the min center of Warszawa.

Uashmama USA


Lindsay and Paul had only been married a few days when they wandered into the Le Sorelle store in San Gimignano while on their honeymoon in 2014. They immediately fell in love with story behind the brand, the quality of design, and the unmatched craftsmanship that went into every single product. They spent the rest of their honeymoon traveling the Tuscan countryside and daydreaming about the possibilities of introducing the unique washable paper products of Uashmama to the U.S.

Once they returned home, Lindsay began communicating with the Marconi family and they ultimately met several months later back in Italy. It was then that the wonderful relationship with Uashmama began. Paul continued his work in engineering until they decided it was time to join together as a team in late 2016 to become the official partners of Uashmama in the U.S. It is their hope that everyone who comes across Uashmama will be as captivated with its style, design and functionality as they were on that very first day in San Gimignano. They are passionate about the Uashmama family and know the best is yet to come.

Uashamama Slovakia


Maria Duffekova and Natalie

Meeting UASHMAMA was the proverbial love at first sight. In summer 2014 we took a trip to San Gimignano and while strolling through the town, we randomly walked into a beautiful store. We fell in love and left the store some two hours later with the Marconi family phone number in our pocket. It was a life-changing meeting. Shortly after we returned home, we left our careers in business to spread #paperlove and become part of the international UASHMAMA family:)
Con UASHMAMA è stato un amore a prima vista!

Uashmama South Africa


Francesca Carleo

We met literally under the Tuscan sun!
While on our annual family holiday in Tuscany by the sea side for the Summer we came across the most beautiful bread bags we did ever see...
This was something so unique we had to investigate further. This led us to one of our favourite Tuscan cities in Italy, Lucca. This is where we fell in love with the 'Le Sorelle' store and UASHMAMA products.
We knew that this would be a big success and this is where our story began with Le Sorelle and UASHMAMA coming to Africa, South Africa.

Uashmama South Africa


Alexandra Ganzon

Stumbling upon the UASHMAMA shop in Borgo San Lorenzo years ago was like discovering a well-kept secret in the heart of Florence.
We were impressed by everything that the brand represented. The history and the philosophy of the Marconi family, the variety, versatility and the excellent craftsmanship of the products fascinated us. This is why INEXPH decided to bring a true example of Made in Italy to the Philippines.