From concept to finish, our attention to detail is rooted in generations of Italian craftsmanship with a modern sensibility for style. UASHMAMA is family-owned and managed in Tuscany, where each product is created to thoughtfully enhance your daily lifestyle. Our passion is to simplify your life with eco-friendly products that deliver state-of-the-art design and functionality.

 Established by Marco Marconi, UASHMAMA is proud to combine his lineage in handcrafting footwear with pioneering methods to reduce our environmental impact. His creative vision led us to develop our signature material, a washable paper that we’ve named “AGGO.” This material meets our top priority in providing products that are both ethical and durable. Plus, it feels and folds like textile for an aesthetic utility that is sleek and fun.

Our approach is sustainable and inspired, at every stage. From our certified organic fibers to our water-saving methods – we employ local artisans from the Tuscan region to deliver the best in quality and longevity. 

At UASHMAMA, we embrace the big Italian family spirit. Each of Marco’s four daughters and his wife is integral to our operations. 

We understand the needs of families like ours and the responsibility we feel about our ecological footprint. From food storage to bagged lunch, backpacks to fashionable wallets, we’re honored to create alternatives to everyday staples. And the reduction in waste makes an impact we can celebrate.  

It’s our pleasure to share our innovative designs and the joy of a sustainable lifestyle with you. From our family to yours, we’re excited to welcome you to UASHMAMA – for style we can all live with.

ph: Yasuko Takahashi design


At its inception many years ago, our washable paper was used to make a simple bread bag for the dinner table. This was Marco’s first creation using the paper material and once it came to life he began to have more ideas of how to utilize the paper. Through trial, error and perseverance, he started learning how to create a stronger paper that could have many functional uses while using a natural and sustainable production cycle. The AGGO paper material has the benefit of being extremely durable, yet pliable enough for endless creativity. It holds true to the core of how we approach our products; it must be strong, durable, and long lasting. 

Our paper is an alternative material that has been treated in an innovative way, utilizing water saving production methods and biodegradable wax. Conventional textiles and manufacturing practices utilize chemicals throughout the production process. That does not align with our ethos and mission which is why we created AGGO washable paper to be used as our core textile.   

ph: Yasuko Takashi design


We, as UASHMAMA Family, design and manufacture lifestyle products that balance our respect for nature and design functionality. Uashmama promotes intentional living through eco-sustainable products conceived, designed, and entirely made in Tuscany, Italy. As a family, we live our lives with a natural, moral and ethical approach. This always has been and always will be the same way we operate our business. 

With every new design idea we focus on 3 main principles as we explore and implement its inception: Innovation, Functionality, and Sustainability


Our process starts with buying raw materials from tree farms that are cut in a sustainable and controlled manner. We recondition the raw materials with our special UASHMAMA formula.

At this stage we add natural vegetable waxes and reduce the chemical substances inside the raw material. With our unique treatment process we bring out the very best of the material, becoming our very own “AGGO” paper.

We created our paper material, “AGGO”, because we wanted to create the perfect blend of ethical and durable washable paper. We created this material in response to our needs.

ph: Takashi Yasuko design


All of our products are made from our own washable paper material, exclusively made of natural fibers.


Once the material has been processed and becomes “AGGO”, we add final touches such as specialized vegetable based dyeing, finishes, and doubling paper in order to strengthen and style the paper.

At this stage, craftsmen assist by cutting, sewing, and assembling the material to create the product in its final form.


Quality is at the foundation of everything we do. We take pride in creating our own paper material and carefully monitor the process from start to finish. This allows us to ensure strength, durability, and longevity of each and every product.

ph: Takahashi Yasuko design


We apply our Italian design principles to create impactful products that enhance our daily routine. We strongly consider the insertion of a new product into the collection. We want each product to be long lasting, fit within our lifestyle and serve a functional purpose. 

ph: Takahashi Yasuko design


From design concept to final product, every step of the manufacturing and production process is thoughtfully managed and considered. We strive to reduce our environmental impact throughout every stage. 


-We certify our raw material processes, implement water-saving methods, and do not use chrome. 

-We use organic cotton, woven in Tuscany with certified organic fibers, for our bag lining.


-We’re proud to be Italian. We keep our manufacturing and production local, employing local craftsmen and artisans that excel at their respective trade from the surrounding Tuscan area only.

-Wherever possible, we take careful considerations to reduce waste. The materials we use to reinforce our bags, sacks, and backpacks are scraps of AGGO paper and organic cotton so that any waste is used.

-The straps we use, like the shoulder straps of backpacks, are made of recycled cotton - 85% of which is derived from used T-shirts.

-The leather we use is top quality, tanned in the Tuscan area, utilizing old principles and methods of 'vegetable tanning' in the total absence of chrome, using only tannins from the chestnut tree.