UASHMAMA is a family business based in Tuscany.

The father, Marco, is the creative mind. He spent a long time building up experience in the footwear business and has significant know how in all that is handcrafted and particularly Made in Italy, but at the same time cultivating an interest in new technology in the sector.

The mother, Emanuela, is the ‘inspiration’ for the brand name; as a matter of fact, UASHMAMA is dedicated to the iconic Italian mother who always takes care of her children.

The project began when Emanuela started to sell the first paper bags in her shop, Le sorelle-UASHMAMA.

Le sorelle (The sisters) are Chiara, Giulia, Gemma and Gaia, who are all involved in the family business with their parents, covering key roles in the business.

Today UASHMAMA can count on many collaborators who, with great professionalism, promote the brand all around the world.


Our process starts with buying raw materials from trees that are cut in a sustainable and controlled manner. We recondition the raw materials with our UASHMAMA formula.

Adding natural vegetable waxes and reducing the chemical substances inside the raw material. With our unique treatment process we bring out the very best of the material, becoming our very own “AGGO”. 

We created our paper material, “AGGO”, because we wanted to produce the perfect blend of ethical and durable washable paper. We created this material in response to our needs.


AGGO is the name that identifies our material.

AGGO is a philosophy of life and it is something that can be summarized in a few words:

  • Experience
  • Handicrafts
  • Study and innovative development of materials

But above all PASSION for what we do.

This word has a deep meaning as it is the acronym of the names of the many grandchildren of Marco and Emanuela and in whch they see the future.

A future focused on respect for the enviroment and the use of enviromentally frienly and alternative materials.

This is AGGO.