Hospitality is an art and UASHMAMA can provide you with original and practical ideas to amaze your guests starting from the table. Washable paper accessories that will be with you from breakfast to dinner, through snacks and lunches with friends.

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UASHMAMA placemats are made of washable paper and can be used endlessly because they are washable. They come in different shapes and colors, finishes and details. Choose the rectangular shape for a classic style, the round placemat to feel fashionable even at the table, the oval or double-sided one for those who enjoy playing with colors. Easy to clean with a damp sponge and they help you protect the table from heat and wear of the cutlery. Pair our Placemats with coasters and don't forget the original Wine Bags and Glacette, practical bottle holders with or without leather detail, which will keep drinks cool if combined with the Glacette inside. All eco-friendly solutions to maintain an eco-sustainable philosophy even at the table! UASHMAMA will also amaze you with original decorations, such as our washable paper Lampshade, to be placed on a simple wine glass with a small tea-light candle inside, it will light up your table creating the right atmosphere.