“After eating you have to hang on for three hours before you take a bath!” 

“After eating you have to hang on for three hours before you take a bath!”  How often have you heard this during our life?  How often have you taken a look at your watch, counting the minutes, staring at the sea with the desire to dive?

Our mums have given us this rule, if we can call this like that, as they always are protective and so we are with our children. The summer, the beach, the sunscreen, the meals with seafood and white wine.

As we get through our day on the beach it  doesn’t matter if we are children or grown-ups, we always think about our digestion, at least once in 24 hours. We care of  our health, or maybe we just don’t want to deny the generations tradition, by a shallow. “who cares, I’ll just gently get into  the water, little by little, and then I’ll dive!” 

What are we used to do while we’re waiting for the clock to tick? Easy: we feel ourselves on the beach! Or, even better, we  feel beachy!  

We put the sunscreen on, we read, some crosswords, some games with the racquets, a little of marbles…

We build sand  castles, then we put the sunscreen on one more time and we take a nap listening to the sound of the sea.

To carry on with all of these activities we extremely need a faithful partner, a real support, an alternative or several  alternatives to the classic everyday shopping bag.


UASHMAMA has given the name to this bag taking inspiration from Giulia, the second oldest of the four sisters, the  multitasking one “par-excellence”, as this is what we’re talking about: being ready for any need, such as containing books  and newspapers, children’s toys, sunscreens, water, beach towels, and all the items – and their packaging – which we are  used to carry during our amazing everyday life. 

Light, washable, nice and roomy.

This are the four adjectives able to best describe the Giulia Bag


As the name suggests, these bags were born to carry… an object or a lifestyle? It’s up to you! 

An alternative to the shopping bag, the perfect combination between braided cotton and washable paper, perfectly setting  on the beach or wherever you need! 

Try to imagine a bread bag: you make it grow, you fold it, you wrap it and then you carry it on the shoulder – Carry One – or  under your arm – Carry Two – 

ph: Robert Kerr

We don’t want to know which one you prefer

..as someday you’ll feel more Giulia like, someday more Carry like… the  perfect solution is to have them both and enjoy your day!