The Holiday season is drawing near, don’t be caught unprepared!

Thanks to our Holiday Gift Guide, finding the perfect gift has never been easier, trust UASHMAMA ®!


TERME TRACOLLA SMALL, the functional crossbody!

Totally made with washable paper, Terme Tracolla Small bag is the perfect crossbody to have your necessities with you, such as a card holder, some coins or your mobile phone. 

It can go from day to evening without missing a beat. 

Available in different colours, we recommend the Metallic Red one for a nice Christmas touch to your gift. 

TERME MANICO LARGE, versatile and elegant as well!

Totally organic and sustainable, Terme Manico Large is the perfect bag for those who need more space

Wear as a chic and easy crossbody or remove its detachable strap to use as an elegant handbag.

I-PHONE CASE, your mobile phone close to you!

Practical, functional and elegant, our new I-PHONE CASE will make your life easier and will keep your phone close and secure thanks to its soft case.

Reasons why you have to choose this UASHMAMA® product:

* Adjustable crossbody strap; 

* Top snap closure;

* Fits up to the iPhone Plus phone models; 

* Water resistant.

COIN WOVEN PURSE, an easy and handy accessory!

Great for loose change, keys, ear pods and tiny items, our Coin Purse is the perfect unisex gift. 

Light and easy to handle, it is equipped with a chain and clip that will allow you to clip to the inside or outside of a bag.

Its packaging is created with production waste that will make it even more original and sustainable.

GIULIA BAG, the perfect bag for those who need space!

Available in two sizes, small and large, Giulia Bag is a true carryall and will serve you well as a beach bag, market tote, pool bag, gym or every day bag.

The perfect gift for those who are looking for large spaces!


For some cheap gifts, we recommend some accessories everyone will love, in our humble opinion!

GIMI PURSE, your chic and versatile pouch!

Available in 3 sizes, for optimal functionality,  and in a wide range of colours, our Gimi Purses are a go-to, eco-friendly handbag organization solution.

We recommend the Medium or the Large size to store larger items. 

KEY HOLDER means comfort!

An elegant and comfortable key holder, it will help you to find your keys or your necessities easier in your bag. 

It’s a real must have to keep your personal belongings, such as coins, lipstick and ear pos.


LAMPSHADE TOGE TOGE, an original idea for your Xmas presents!

Tired of the usual mainstream Christmas gifts? The  Lampshade Toge Toge is the answer!

Simply place the lampshade on top of a wine glass, put a tea light inside and you have a gorgeous, illuminated ambiance. 

UASHMAMA® 's advice: use as a place marker, centerpiece or simple decoration on your table or countertop.

LACE MAT, it’s Christmas time!

Hand crafted with our durable washable paper, the Lace Mat is heat & stain resistant. Available in four different colours, we recommend the gold one to give a touch of Xmas to your table. 

Why not combine the Lace Mat Ring? It’s a lovely napkin ring able to make your table flawless. 

It’s impossible not to love UASHMAMA®’s products!

BREAD BAG FIOCCO, a practical solution!

The perfect Christamas gift if you are looking for a useful, practical and versatile present. It’s a lovely bread bag made from Italian linen and washable paper.

The Fiocco Bag is also functional and practical for storing food in the fridge or for using as a lunch box to take to the office or anywhere you want. Turn the top of the bread bag down to make a pretty basket or make a knot to close the bag and keep the bread fresh. 

LAUNDRY BAG, useful and suitable for any space!

Are you looking for a useful and original gift? The Laundry Bag is what you need!

Tall and narrow in size, it holds ample clothes and linens and will stylishly fit into many tight spaces. 

The Laundry Bag is the perfect solution to store kids’ toys or to use a recycling bag. 

Each bag has a removable tag attached allowing you to label the bag's contents. Example: Whites or Darks.


* Two cotton handles, 85% of which are made from recycled t-shirts;

* Removable tag/label to write on;

* Water resistant.

With UASHMAMA ® your Xmas is safe!