November. The Holiday season is drawing near and with it also launches and dinners in family. 

No panic! UASHMAMA ® is here to help you with some tips to style your table in a perfect way.

With few and simple UASHMAMA’s products you will leave your guests really impressed, setting up a magic atmosphere.

COTO PLACEMAT, your must have for launches and dinners!

The UASHMAMA’s COTO PLACEMAT will add simplicity and elegance to your dining table. 

The COTO PLACEMATS are durable and they have many pros:

*They are double sided;

*They are made with a washable paper material;

*They are resistant to heat, oil and stains;

*They are water resistant and easy to clean.

Available in different colours and shapes!!!

WINE BAG, the product you didn’t know you needed!

No doubts! Wine can’t miss on the table and UASHMAMA’s Wine Bag  gives a touch of class to your bottle.

This is the perfect wine holder, it’s made with washable paper and it has an easy and practical leather handle. 

Don’t forget to add our Wine Cooler to keep your bottles fresh! The Cooler fits perfectly with Chianti and with our new Alfresco Bag

PAPER BAGS’ keywords: versatility and functionality!

Bread is the main character on dining tables and why not keep it in our versatile Paper Bags?

They are highly functional and also eco-friendly. Paper Bags represent a good and creative way to store your fresh bread as an alternative to the Porta Pane.

Thanks to UASHMAMA®, styling your table has never been easier!