A wide range of finishes, styles, shapes and colours. Have you found your ideal placemat yet? For UASHMAMA hospitality is an art. Our Placemats are made of washable paper and they will be with you from breakfast to dinner, through snacks and lunches with friends.

Placemat Tec

Shape: Rectangular or Oval


  • made with our washable paper TEC;
  • made of cellulose fiber;
  • light and thick;
  • versatile and available in many colours.

Product care: the TEC coating is not on the back side, thus making it susceptible to stains if the surface underneath is dirty. We advise you to wipe immediately on the stain with a wet sponge.

Metallic Placemat

Shape: Rectangular


  • made with our Metallic Paper;
  • There can be very small imperfections found in the metallic paper; this is characteristic of the metallic paper, it is not a fault. 

Product care: These placemats are resistant only on the laminated side. Handwashed in warm water using a mild detergent or soap, be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry flat.

Coto Placemat

Shape:  Rectangular, Oval, Round or Coaster


  • made from the discarded part of the cotton plant;
  • protective coating on the top, bottom, and sides;
  • retain their shape and lay flat;
  • one coloured front side and the back side in Cachemire colour.

Product care: they are resistant to oil, wine and tomato sauce thanks to their protective coating. They are easy to clean with a damp sponge. Resistant to stains, heat and discoloration.

LaPaper Placemat

Shape:  Rectangular, Oval, Round or Coaster


  • strong, durable and double sided;
  • resistant to heat and stains;
  • available in a wide variety of colours;
  • uniquely luxurious texture that emulates leather.

Product care:  resistant to heat, oil and stains, they have a protective coating on both sides. They are easy to clean with a damp sponge. Wipe on the stain and let it dry naturally.  

Discover our coasters and napkin rings!

Do you know that you can match our coasters and napkin rings to the placemats?

Made out of our washable paper, our coasters will protect your table and will give a touch of colour. You can choose between the original Pizzo, the elegant LaPaper or the classic Coto.

Grab your guests’ attention with our Pizzo Napkin, a handcrafted top element which mimics the look of lace. 

UASHMAMA® is your eco-friendly and plastic free solution!