Are you looking for a simple and practical way to style your table without sacrificing elegance? UASHMAMA® is here to help you with some tips. Available in a large range of finishes, colours and shapes, our placemats will simplify your life.

Why choose our placemats to style your table?

UASHMAMA® placemats are available in a large range of finishes, colours and shapes, they are sustainable and made of washable paper so they can be used indefinitely because they are washable.

Let’s take a look at the various finishes… 


Our most basic placemat made from our water and stain resistant TEC paper, which is made of cellulose fiber. These placemats are lightest in thickness and are protected on the front side only. Available in several shapes and numerous colors, they are perfect to add a new pop of color to your tabletop throughout each season. The placemats are water resistant and hand washable.


We created a new material of 100% Cotton Fiber. The fiber comes from the cotton staple which is regarded as waste from the cotton flower. However, we took the 'waste' from the cotton plant and transformed it into a new, sturdy, washable paper material. Functionality, innovation and sustainability

Which are the features of our Coto

* High resistance to wine, oil, tomatoes stains on both sides;

* Very durable and strong surfaces;

* Easy to clean: wipe clean with damp cloth;

* Dry naturally;

* Flat on the table;

* Choose from a variety of colors combination and shapes;

* Food-safe;

Match and combine the Coto Placemat to its coaster and make your table flawless.


Elevate your table with our double-sided, stylish and stain resistant placemats. Sustainably made from our washable paper, they are a durable, plastic-free placemat solution. Our LaPaper placemats are double sided for strength and durability and add the perfect touch to your tabletop. They are water resistant and hand washable

The LaPaper placemat has a beautiful & unique texture that truly gives it a luxurious finish that emulates leather. 

UASHMAMA® suggests you combine LaPaper Placemat with its Coaster and with Lace Mat Ring. With these simple details your guests will be really impressed! 


A sustainably made, reusable paper placemat with hand crafted details that mimic a lace fabric. Add a stunning design element to your tabletop with the Lace Mat used as a placemat or charger. Hand crafted with our durable washable paper, the Lacemat is heat & stain resistant. They are water resistant and hand washable!

Our Placemats are so versatile that they can be used to set the table in a formal or informal way.

Style your table in a formal way with UASHMAMA® Placemats

Here are some suggestions to style your table in a formal way with our placemats without sacrificing the elegance and the style! Our placemat LaPaper will surprise your guests thanks to its unique texture that truly gives it a luxurious finish that emulates leather. Don’t forget to take care of the details: use the coaster and the napkin ring matched to give the table an elegant touch. Your attention to detail will leave your guests really astonished!

Style your table in an informal way with UASHMAMA® Placemats

Also in informal events, UASHMAMA® is ready to help you with some ideas for your table-setting. Our washable paper placemats are the perfect solution to have launches with friends in the garden. UASHMAMA® suggests you to choose Coto Placemat or Tec Placemat.

Use some neutral colours such as Cachemire, Salvia or Quarzo to give elegance to your table! We suggest you set your table mixing the colours of placemats and dishes, in this way your table will be fun and delicate at the same time. 

Set your peninsula for a breakfast or a snack! We suggest you our Coto Placemat collection. Start the day in a good way with UASHMAMA® placemats, choose your favorite between a large variety of colours and shapes. 

Our washable paper placemats are easy to clean, durable and stain resistant. Enjoy our washable paper placemats benefits, with UASHMAMA® your table will look flawless.