“O Sole Mio” represents a masterpiece of Italian music. This song is known all over the world. Its lyrics embrace the gratefulness and the happiness of a wonderful sunny day.  

When we designed our Sole Collection we were inspired by this song and by the feeling and the emotion of a beautiful sunny day. The sun is a source of warmth, positivity and lightheartedness. With Sole Collection, UASHMAMA wants to spread positive vibes and good feelings.  

We will give you some tips to style your table in a cheerful way. 

LaPaper Placemat and its coaster

  • durable
  • double sided
  • resistant to heat, oil and stains
  • easy to clean
  • hand washable 

Pizzo Ring

With its original decor, it will give elegance and style to your table. 

  • 100% organic
  • resistant to stains and washable
  • durable

Wine Bag

Give a classy touch to your bottle with our Wine Bag. Add our Cooler to keep your bottles fresh during lunches and dinners.

Paper Bag

Complete your table with our versatile Paper Bags. They can store your bread, fruits or grissini. 

  • versatile and colored
  • available in 9 different sizes
  • made from AGGO washable paper
  • hand washable with mild soap 

Get inspired by our items and say hello to Sun with UASHMAMA.

UASHMAMA, your Eco-Friendly solution.