Are you looking for some inspiration for your tabletop? Elevate your table experience and make a good impression on your guests by setting up an elegant dinner table.

Spread Fall Vibes with UASHMAMA table decor. We are thrilled to give you some sustainable and innovative solutions to enhance your table ensuring a simple post-meal cleanup. 

La Paper Placemats will be the right solution for your elegant dinner. They are easy to clean, extremely resistant and sophisticated thanks to their texture which emulates leather. A stylish and plastic-free solution for your table.

Details are truly important! Match to the placemat a Pizzo Ring, an elegant and handcrafted napkin ring which mimics the look of lace. 

What about serving bread in a lovely bread bag crafted with our top-quality Italian linen? Bread Bag Fiocco will elevate your table! It serves well as a lunch box too making a knot to close the bag. 

Place the Ice Cube on your table, an elegant focal point for your lunches and dinners made out from our washable paper. Keep your bottle of champagne or wine cool for hours with our Ice Cube!

Are you looking for more inspiration? UASHMAMA gives you some sustainable, innovative and simple solutions which will make your life easier!